Grossglockner Trophy 2002 Memorial "Mister Rudge", Helmut Krackowizer

Posted December 2012 by Peter

Grossglockner Trophy 2002: Rudge Rapid, 1938, 249 cm³ of Harry Long; Moto Guzzi 4V SS, 500 cm³, 1927, of Josef Braunwalder
Rudge Rapid, 1938, 249 cm³
of Harry Long;
Moto Guzzi 4V SS, 500 cm³
1927, of Josef Braunwalder

Grossglockner Trophy 2002: Luzza and Uschi Cadonau, Gilera Saturno 500 cm³, 1950
Luzza and Uschi Cadonau
Gilera Saturno 500 cm³, 1950

Grossglockner Trophy 2002
the panoramic of the Alps

Grossglockner Trophy 2002: Harald Hacker having an afternoon lunch nap in the sidecar of his  Harley Davidson WR, 1949, 750 cm³
Harald Hacker having an
afternoon lunch nap in the
sidecar of his Harley Davidson
WR, 1949, 750 cm³

Grossglockner Trophy 2002: at the Fuscher Törl
at the Fuscher Törl

Matthias Siebenhühner is teaching the youngsters: BMW R51/3, 600 cm³, 1952
Matthias Siebenhühner is teaching
the youngsters: BMW R51/3,
600 cm³, 1952

Werner Kreis, Velocette KTT MK8 350, 1950; Thomas Frisch, Norton International 500, 1937
Werner Kreis
Velocette KTT MK8 350, 1950
Thomas Frisch
Norton International 500, 1937

More than 100 racing motorcycles of the vintages 1929 until 1961, among them eleven sidecars, appeared on weekend 13 until 15 September 2002 in Ferleiten at the foot of the Großglockner in the County Salzburg. Thomas Fritsch had invited to come to hold a regularity competition in memorial of my father who died in October 2001. And many friends and acquaintance of my father followed that invitation.
   On Friday the participants arrived, the technical inspection and an obligation inspection of the race course took place. The weather showed its splendorous colour of the approaching autumn. The first heat was started on Saturday early in the morning, before the “tourist attack” started on the alpine panoramic road. It was cold, the participants could feel already the autumn, and the start was on approximately 1 100 m above sea level anyway!
    For that approximately 12.5 km long distance Sebastian Gutsch on BMW R5 SS (498 cm³, year of construction 1936) needed only 9:42,34 min. - which corresponds to an average speed of 79,7 km/h - 49.5 mph - in the first heat the fastest time (but not the most regular one...); and the sidecar of Bill and Maggie Tuer, a Morgan with 1 150 cm³, year of construction 1932, mastered the distance likewise in a time below 10 minutes, in 9:43,50 min (79,6 km/h, 49,5 mph). Altogether five riders remained under the 10-minutes-mark. Harry Long on Rudge Rapid, 1938 (250 cm³) took himself however more time, in order to enjoy the wonderful high alpine road. He arrived at the “Fuscher Törl” in approximately 2 400 m above sea level after 28:40 minutes.
    Then, already with radiating blue sky and somewhat milder temperatures, the procession returned together from the Fuscher Törl to the start. It was an imposing experience, as the motor cycles with roaring engines bent into the paddock. Then one repaired, the other adjusted, tested, had been dozen or chatted; in the early afternoon finally, the temperature returned again nearly summery, numerous visitors had been lost in admiration of the beautiful motor cycles. It had been for me the ideal time to talk with some participants, particularly with those from England, friends of my father. Anecdotes and memories were told to me and I felt the large sympathy, which my father enjoyed in England.
    At 17.30 o'clock the start of the second heat should had taken place. But as there were visitors still on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the starter field had to wait over an hour for going on. And thus again while the cool temperature of the evening returned, not unusual at this season in such alpine areas. For the next time we hope for better starting times, which are given by the Grossglockner Hochalpenstraße AG.
    The fastest of the second heat had been again Bill and Maggie Tuer with their sidecar with a time of 9:19,56 min. (83 km/h, 51,6 mph), which also marked the fastest heat of the day; the fastest single-lane motor cycle racer had been Andrew Bennett on Norton Manx Special (1958, 1 098 cm³) with a time of 9:33,39 min. (81 km/h, 50.3 mph).
    As however it had been a regularity competition (both heats should be driven if possible in the same time), the official result was of course differently! The shortest time difference had Goeff Sawyer on Jabs (1950, 490 cm³) with 0.03 seconds!
    Thomas Fritsch, the organizer of the meeting, went out the petrol in the second heat - he had been involved in such a way with the organizational tasks that he completely had forgotten to refuel. And still another affecting story I want to put down here: Thomas Fritsch had large problems in finding sponsors for the event. And finally there were only a few, which believed in the success of Thomas abilities. Thus he had to manage all with a narrow budget. Everything seemed to be secured, as suddenly, a few days before the meeting, bad news arrived from the insurance that the premium for the prescribed liability insurance had been increased by 30 per cent - "you've got no option" was the slogan of the insurance obviously! But from where to be taken, if it had not been calculated?
    Casually Thomas's mentioned this circumstance during the drivers meeting. And he was then really affected, when an Englishman presented to him at the awards ceremony in the name of all participants the result of a collection, hold in the paddock! The English participants got that collection under way, however only on condition that they all will seeing again at the Grossglockner on the occasion of the "2. Grossglockner Trophy Dr. Krackowizer Memorial”!
    Here therefore again cordial thanks in the name of Thomas to all!!!! Owing to this great gesture of friends of vintage motor cycle the calculation of the meeting went out itself with plus minus zero, as far as I have heard.
    Thus it had been genuine enthusiasts meetings without intention on profit! This motor cycling minded meeting on one of the most beautiful alpine roads of the world had been a successful meeting, which had been a great pleasure for all. Even the Austrian television brought a contribution about this "1. Grossglockner Trophy". And all signs point on the fact that there will be a revival of this meeting in two years.



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