Grossglockner Trophies in memorial Helmut Krackowizer

Posted December 2012 by Peter

Grossglockner Trophy

    my father and I had, of course, a lot in common; one of these characteristics in common – our vocations, which obviously have been even our passions: My job turned out to become my passion – geography and tourism; and although my fathers job based on car companies, his passion had been the veteran motorcycles long past times. This passion did not fascinate only him, but he could inspire also recent generations for it.
    One, who has been infected by that Motor Veteran “Addiction”, is Thomas Fritsch. Owing to his and the members of the Motor Veteran Club Zell am See commitment, this meeting of the “Conquerors of the Großglockner” from those days has become reality.
    The organizer, Thomas Fritsch, had dedicated Helmut Krackowizer the first three Grossglockner Trophies "in Memorial Helmut Krackowizer". About these three trophies I am writing here on these pages. I hope you will keep these days at the Großglockner in good memory. I am firmly convinced of the fact that my father will watch this meeting with much joy “from a higher point of view”.
   yours Peter Krackowizer, redesigned internet sites in December 2012



This website only reports the Krackowizer-Memorials (2002, 2004 and 2006). The organizer did the trophy from 2008 on without the additional title "in Memorial Helmut Krackowizer".